Game Design – Combat


  • Work with a dev team to develop and maintain the product vision for a live ops mobile game, with a primary focus on the Combat Systems
  • Design complex game/combat systems and tune them for specific goals
  • Create, deeply understand, and maintain important gameplay mechanics including abilities, equipment, NPCs and more
  • Utilizing play experience, feedback, and analytical data, balance the game for a PvE and PvP experience.
  • Play the game regularly and actively iterate to improve the experience with and without direction
  • Take a holistic approach to quality and delivery to ensure that the feature set and corresponding execution creates the best possible product
  • Use qualitative and quantitative methods to validate and improve ideas
  • Document ideas, concepts, and designs in useful, accessible formats
  • Design tools and process to maintain the game as a service cadence of updates as pertains to combat and affiliated systems.


  • 4+ years of experience as a game / combat designer
  • Shipped or has worked on the production of a mobile F2P game, or MMO/RPG style combat models
  • Experience working with a live ops team to improve the game
  • Enjoys combat math formulating, tuning and iteration to improve combat experiences under variable conditions
  • Hands on experience with Unity technology
  • Great communication skills both verbally and written
  • Programming experiences a big plus (C#)

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