Game Design – Writer


  • Work with Leads and Directors to create compelling Worlds, Characters and Stories for New and or Licensed Intellectual Properties.
  • Develop histories and timelines that inspire artists and influence design choices.
  • Provide context and meaning to the gameplay experience
  • Collaborate with dev and live ops teams in the development of world, story, characters, quest lines and more within a new IP
  • Write in-game dialog as well as setting or adopting tone and character voices that support game design goals
  • Write copy and descriptions for items, equipment, enemies, NPCs and other game objects
  • Ensure that all narrative reference documents are up to date and accessible in useful formats to various teams
  • Support Web and Marketing with compelling lore and other copy for use in marketing campaigns and community.


  • Prior professional experience as a Writer for Games as a Service or Mobile titles
  • A portfolio of writing samples in the Fantasy genre
  • A good understanding of narrative game design and the impact of dialog and text on player experience
  • Passionate about playing games
  • Understanding and awareness of gaming culture and trends.
  • A team player who can collaborate effectively
  • (BONUS) BS or better in History or Mythology

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