VFX Artist

NantGames, a San Diego based video game studio, is looking for a skilled FX Artist that can create stunning visual effects for our new and existing IPs. Our ideal candidate will use their knowledge of 3D software and FX packages to create visuals for in game assets and environments.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop complex and visually stunning particle and shader effects
  • Create textures, models and shaders to build out effects for in game assets
  • Work closely with artists, animators, designers and programmers to implement effects
  • Create a maintain a VFX style guide for the game
  • Concept, propose, and implement creative ideas for in game content
  • Collaborate with team leadership to develop and establish pipelines and tools for efficient VFX creation and implementation
  • Develop 3D art pipeline tools and extensions with an eye towards usability and efficiency
  • Solve challenging technical issues in the 3D asset pipeline
  • Analyzing game performance and memory using various engine, 3rd party tools, and internal tools with an eye towards art optimization.
  • Work with artists to find implementation techniques that balances artistic goals and practical reality.
  • Collaborate with others to diagnose and resolve in-game problems
  • Collaborate with outsourcing partners to share technology and best practices
  • Comfortable working with other artists’ assets and modifying them.


  • Experience in Photoshop and 3D packages (3Ds Max or Maya) and real time, in-game FX systems
  • Great technical knowledge and familiarity of game engines
  • Proficient in optimizing effects and shaders to maintain the game running at target fps
  • Excellent communication and organization skills. Ability to communicate effectively with people across multiple departments
  • Ability to create assets from scratch and match an established style
  • Great understanding of scale, timing, detail, form, texture and color
  • Ability to innovate and a passion for problem solving
  • Capacity to work in a wide range of styles

Ideal Candidate Has:

  • At least 3 years in the video game industry
  • Previously shipped PC, console or mobile titles as an FX artist using Unity
  • Strong understanding of real time rendering requirements
  • Must be comfortable pioneering new tools and techniques
  • Skill(s) in other related disciplines – 3D modeling, animation, illustration
  • Must be a driven self starter

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